9. NYPD Smart Cars

The smaller, more compact cousin of the sedan tends to bring out smiles from even the grumpiest of New Yorkers. In 2015, former police commissioner, William J. Bratton, announced plans to roll out single passenger Mercedes-Benz smart cars to replace the covered three-wheeled scooters officers had been using. The smart cars are faster, cheaper and more roomy than the boxy scooters, and have features like air conditioning and air bags, which make them safer and more comfortable for officers to drive. An unexpected perk of the tiny vehicles is that they seem to make police officers more approachable. When the cars first hit the streets, the public quickly became enamored with them, flooding social media with pictures of themselves standing alongside the cars and officers driving them.

The department now employs over 200 smart cars, the most found in any police department in the country. The mini cruisers are used mostly for ticketing and patrolling in areas that larger cars can’t access, like the pathways of Central Park.