8. NYPD Horses

At some point or another, you’ve likely had the urge to stroke the mane of an on-duty police horse. As police cruisers get smaller, more efficient and more hi-tech, horses — a part of the police department since 1871 — may seem a little out of place. However, they still provide officers with a fundamental service: a boost in height.

Riding atop a horse gives officers a 10-foot-high vantage point, allowing them to see over crowds and farther distances. The added height of a horse also makes officers easier for civilians to spot. Moreover, horses are able to walk through pedestrian plazas and fit down narrow alleyways that are unnavigable for cars. Today, the city has approximately 55 mounted officers, who help with traffic control, crowd control, counter-terrorism, prevention of street crime, and community relations. Read more about them here.