14. In Dreams Awake Brings Human, Animal and Plant Forms to the Broadway Mall

As the adorable bronze figures by Joy Brown on the Broadway Malls come down, the Broadway Mall Association has been preparing for the debut of Kathy Ruttenberg on Broadway: In Dreams Awake. The new exhibit, which will be installed the week of April 15th, includes six works that will be featured on the Broadway center mediums, located on 64th, 72nd, 79th, 96th, 116th, and 157th Streets. Each sculpture — described as a combination of human, animal and plant forms — is made from cast silicon bronze, and will range between 6 feet to 15 feet in height. (Some will even feature LED lighting!)

The opening of Kathy Ruttenberg on Broadway: In Dreams Awake will be celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 11am on April 27th, at the south entrance to 72nd Street #1 train. The exhibit will be on view through February 2019.

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