Times Square’s concrete jungle may soon welcome a thriving pavilion of moss. As part of Design Pavilion 2018, a nine-day event that takes place in celebration of the city’s official design week NYCxDESIGN, designer Sam Biroscak has conceptualized Mossgrove, an eco-concious project that highlights the possibilities of two “under-appreciated,” but seemingly ubiquitous urban elements: scaffolding and moss. If successfully funded through Kickstarter, New Yorkers can expect to see the installation blooming to life in Times Square from May 12th to 20th, 2018.

“Imagine if we saw scaffolding and moss not as nuisances but as a sustainable infrastructure for new kinds of performances and activities in the city,” stated Biroscak in a press release about the project. While separately, they might be considered undesirable, together, “they form a bio-mechanical partnership that challenges us to view the most ordinary materials as having extraordinary potential.” With his pavilion, Biroscak not only hopes to provide visitors with a new way of looking at moss and scaffolding, but also to bring a dash of whimsy to the Crossroads of the World, which has long served as the site for innovative art projects, including a hidden sound installation, giant Valentine’s Day-inspired sculptures, and golden shipping containers that once served as portals to the world.

Rendering by Sam Biroscak from Design Pavilion 2018

Mossgrove, which will be accessible from any angle, will utilize standard scaffolding to support a landscape of dripping moss forms in between the structure’s posts and on top of it. Inside, raised moss-covered platforms will serve as sitting areas for visitors, where they can interact with various species and textures of the plant.

Additionally, plans are in place to utilize the new architectural pavilion as a site to host design-oriented events, social gatherings and intimate performances. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what will certainly be a jam-packed week during NYCxDesign. Other exciting events include walking tours that will highlight examples of adaptive re-use in the West Village and the Meatpacking District, a Prelude to the Shed and an inclusivity panel, featuring 30 creations by global designers. The full list of scheduled events can be found here.

Come May, we’re also very excited to be hosting a studio tour of Snøhetta, an internationally renowned practice of architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture, and brand design, led by Founding Partner, Craig Dykers, and Partner, Elaine Molinar. This unique event, held in partnership with Design Trust for Public Space, will be free for Untapped Cities Insiders (date TBA)!

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