The Cass Gilbert-designed Brooklyn Army Terminal is a wonder of construction. It has a rich history that spans both world wars into its rebirth as a manufacturing and creative space. One of the biggest pieces of news recently, in addition to a campus redesign by WXY, is that the roof of Building B, where the grand atrium is located, will be turned into a 100,000 square foot solar garden. Even better than the power being used for the tenants of Brooklyn Army Terminal, the solar garden will actually primarily serve “residential subscribers in the Sunset Park neighborhood and industrial subscribers in the Sunset Park Industrial Business Zone,” reads the RFP. When completed, this will be one of the largest solar arrays in the New York City region.

Yesterday, we went to document what the roof looks like now, and will be tracking the progress of the initiative over the next few years. The NYCEDC, which manages the Brooklyn Army Terminal, is currently seeking request for proposals. NYCEDC President and CEO James Patchett said, in a press release, “In launching this effort, we’re able to deliver clean, affordable energy to the community while adding to the roster of innovative products made at the Brooklyn Army Terminal.”

A solar panel installation from a previous project, which may or may not stay up on the roof – it will depend on the proposals the NYCEDC receives

Building B’s roof is divided into two mirror-image sections, which surround the main atrium’s pitched roof. The surface of the roof is currently ballasted with gravel and stone, with large stepping stones for a pathway. The solar panels would be placed in sections on the roof, where there is space, rather than in one continuous application. At the northern end of the roof, there is a beautiful view of the atrium from above and of the Lower Manhattan skyline.

The proposal submitted must include participation with a local community group, with a focus that the plan will “drive community participation in the program.”

And a final look into the atrium:

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