There is little online trace of the fact that in 1990, radio station WHTZ — better known as Z100 — released New York City: A Trivia “G-A-M-E”, that final word inexplicably hyphenated on the box. The manufacturer is listed as “East Koast Games, Inc.”, an entity that appears to no longer exist within the database of the New York State Department of State Division of Corporations. Z100 did not return multiple requests for comment. The game’s existence was only made known to this article’s author when she discovered it on a Park Slope stoop among such non-finds as topless Chinese soup bowls and a months-old copy of The New Yorker.

Numerous spelling errors dot the 672 cards worth of questions (“REUT CONTROL“) and game instructions (“ROLL DI”). Plastic automobile tokens accompany the playing board, trivia, and die as well as a bonus sheet of Z100 and Dunkin Donuts stickers and a two-for-one coupon to Tivoli Pier, an amusement park built inside Atlantic City’s TropWorld Casino and Entertainment Resort in 1988. According to one eBay post offering a near mint condition version of the game, the resort has since changed its name to Tropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City; Tivoli Pier was closed in the mid-90s.

The instructions to play are simple: progress with correct answers along the board version of New York City with the goal of crossing the finishing line, which offers existential praise — “Congratulations You Completed New York City”. The board shows a disproportionately-sized Z100 van dragging a massive speaker across the Brooklyn Bridge in front of the Twin Towers and a variety of other illustrations of New York icons.

Being close to three decades old, the game’s trivia is obviously quite dated, with many of the answers no longer accurate. Test your knowledge of ’90s New York and see how many of the sets stranger cards you can answer correctly:

1. Name the bicycle race that runs through five states, starting in Albany, NY and finishing in Atlantic City.