2. Remains From 9/11 Are Still Present in Freshkills Park

Freshkills Park
Image courtesy The City of New York and Freshkills Park by Daniel Avila

Although Fresh Kills shuttered in March 22, 2001, it reopened just a few months later following the September 11th attacks. Wreckage from the tragedy, including remains of the dead, were sent to the site for detectives and forensic scientists to examine.

The daunting task required over 1.7 million hours of work by specialists who attempted to recover and identify the remains of those who were killed. In total, 4,257 pieces of human remains were discovered, and 300 people were identified. The rest of the debris has since been buried in a portion of the Fresh Kills landfill although Dr. Charles S. Hirsch, the city’s chief medical examiner, is “virtually certain” that traces of human remains are still present.