4. The Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard is Nearby Freshkills Park

Staten Island Boat Graveyard

Another relic of New York City’s industrial past, the Arthur Kill ship graveyard is a collection of abandoned vessels along the Arthur Kill waterway, which sits along Freshkill Park’s western edge. Known as the Witte Marine Scrap Yard, the Arthur Kill Boat Yard, or simply the “Staten Island Boat Graveyard,” it’s the city’s only remaining commercial marine salvage yard, located in Rossville, Staten Island.

The Witte Marine Scrapyard was founded in the 1930’s by John J. Witte and is now the “official dumping ground” for decomposing vessels, in addition to decommissioned tugboats, ferries and barges. Despite its desolate location, the “accidental marine museum” is becoming one of New York City’s many tourist attractions. Read more here.