4. 427 East 140th Street

Stroll past 427 East 140th Street and you’ll find a stunning Queen Anne Rowhouse, which was built between 1897 – 1900, and designed by architect Walter H.C. Hornum. It notably served as the home of neighborhood developer William O’Gorman, his wife, Julia, his three children, one grandson and three servants. Interestingly, O’Gorman built many of the “uninspired buildings” in the area, but went all out for four of the 11 buildings that comprise the row at 407-427 East 140th Street. His own home is naturally one of those four.

Today, it’s owned by St. Peter’s Lutheran, which uses the building as a community-orientated service space. St. Peter’s has had possession of the building for decades, pending a period of time when the city reclaimed the rowhouse.