Photo courtesy Spotify

A self-proclaimed New Yorker, David Bowie lived in New York City for over two decades between the years 1992 – 2016. Considering the “multitude of lives” he lived, staying rooted in one place for that long is significant, indicative of his intimate relationship with New York, its endlessly diverse people and its creative atmosphere. Over the years, Bowie’s love for the city has become cemented in stone, influencing his music in ways that continue to perpetuate his legacy today.

To this day, you can very obviously see the impact Bowie has had on the world of music and beyond by strolling through the streets of New York, visiting some of his favorite haunts and walking in his very footsteps. As a tribute to Bowie, coinciding with the debut of his subway takeover (read more below), here are five such places, events and sights that celebrate the legendary musician:

5. David Bowie Subway Ads 

In true New York City fashion, David Bowie has taken over the Broadway-Lafayette and Bleecker Street subway stops. A collaboration between Spotify and The Brooklyn Museum, the stations have been covered in Bowie-themed subway ads, images of fan-made works and wall-sized depictions of pieces currently on display at the museum’s new David Bowie Is exhibition.

According to a Spotify blog post, each piece is paired with something Bowie has said that “speaks to his affection for the city and its impact on his work, giving further insight into the artist’s mindset and methods.” The underground experience includes unique Spotify codes to brings fans closer to Bowie’s music, as well as limited edition, keepsake MetroCards that will be available for purchase inside the Broadway-Lafayette station. These MetroCards each display one of five Bowie personas including Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, and Thin White Duke. The “takeover” will be on view until Sunday, May 13th, and MetroCards are already selling on eBay with “Buy Now” prices ranging from $9.99 to $299.