5. The Loew’s Jersey Has a Remarkable Morton Organ

Although the Loew’s Jersey does not have its original organ, an identical Morton Wonder organ was found in a Chicago warehouse by the founder of the Garden State Theater Organ Society and purchased at a donation price through funds the founder had donated personally. This organ is one of five identical ones and was once in use at the Loew’s Paradise theater in the Bronx.

The organ has 1,800 pipes, miles of cables, and tens of thousands of parts, and came to the Loew’s Jersey in two tractor trailers. It was put back over the course of eleven years. The console rises up from the orchestra pit, and we were treated to a live performance that showcased the incredible range of sounds that can be created by the organ, sounds that would have animated silent films and vaudeville performances.

During the installation here, it was discovered that many parts actually had the words “Loew’s Jersey” written on it, and the pieces must have been accidentally included in the Bronx theater organ. “This was the console that was supposed to come here, but was a little delayed,” joked Egan.