The Floating Food Forest, Swale, is back for 2018, and will dock from May to June at the Brooklyn Army Terminal! We’ll be hosting two free tours of Swale with founder and artist Mary Mattingly, one on May 20th and one on June 8th, for members of Untapped Cities Insiders. Registration for the free tour will start today at noon!

Swale is built on a 130 x 40 foot barge, with 5,000 square feet of an edible perennial garden, which visitors can pick for free! The goal of Swale is educate and empower New Yorkers about fresh, healthy food — to get families and children in the local communities where Swale docks to build “ecological resilience through promoting food as a public commons.” In addition to free visits, Swale will host programming on a wide range of topics from public art, to wellness, to environmental activism.

The Brooklyn Army Terminal will be the sole location for Swale this year, another initiative in the industrial campus’ sustainable efforts which have recently included the proposal to bring a 100,000 square foot community solar garden on the roof of the terminal.

The tour is FREE for Untapped Cities Insiders! The tour capacity is 20 spots, allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Check out more photographs of Swale from last year below and join Untapped Cities Insiders to get a free tour of the barge with founder Mary Mattingly!

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