8. Hudson River Park Has New York City’s Only Estuarine Sanctuary

Remnants of a pier in the Hudson River

Hudson River Park is home to New York City’s only Estuarine Sanctuary, established in 1998 under New York State legislation to protect the 400 acres of water within Hudson River Park’s boundaries. Of the 315 miles the Hudson River spans from the Adirondacks to the New York harbor, half is considered a tidal estuary, where fresh and salt water mix. This confluence of waters creates a nutrient rich habitat that can support a high level of biodiversity. The waters along Hudson River Park are home to more than 70 species of fish, including white perch, bluefish, striped bass, oyster toadfish and American eel, as well as lined seahorses, and oysters.

The Estuarine Sanctuary is managed through environmental stewardship, with support towards scientific research, along with educational programs. Speaking of biodiversity, the park is also home to 2,000 trees, 100+ species of birds, and 85 species of insects, including 20 species of dragon flies.