12. “Out of Thin Air” in City Hall Park

Collectively tuning our senses to “Out of Thin Air” in City Hall Park. Photo courtesy of More ArtPhoto by Vanessa Teran

More Art will bring a sound installation, “Out of Thin Air,” to City Hall Park by Brooklyn artist Sari Carel. The installation is a recording that unfolds along a walk towards City Hall, featuring sounds of breathing (huffs, and delicate inhaling and exhaling), along with beats, crackles, and rustles. According to The New York Times, Carel led workshops with New Yorkers who have asthma, using their breathing sounds in the sound installation with one aim of the work to “prompt listeners to think anew about people who live with chronic illness.” According to More Art, the installation also aims to “think about breathing in all its intimacy and enormity.”

On Thursdays at 6 PM visitors can take a blindfolded, guided walk through Out of Thin Air with a docent. At 4 PM on Thursdays, youth programs on mindful breathing will take place. The installation will be up until July 8th. See the full list of programming associated with Out of Thin Air here.