30. “Neighbors Project” at First Street Green Art Park

Photo by John Raymond Mireles courtesy of State PR/First Street Green Art Park

The First Street Green Art Park, a formerly abandoned lot converted into open art space for the Lower East Side, has an exhibition along its perimeter fence by artist John Raymond Miles showcasing portraits he took in all fifty states in America of people of all ethnicities, ideologies, and income levels. There are 86 larger than life-size portraits on 300 feet of park fence.

The project began in a San Diego community where Miles lived and later expanded to include the entire country. According to the press release for the project, “Mireles’ goal is to encourage empathic connections across differences and promote solidarity by offering viewers the opportunity to better know and relate to their fellow residents of the United States of America.”

Located at 33 East 1st Street, First Park on First Avenue and First Street has been known for its vibrant art scene since its inception in 2008. Neighbors Project will be on view until June 30th. The project is intended to travel around the country.