The @PrideTrain guerrilla art campaign has returned, bringing a slew of new rainbow-striped ads to the New York City subway, just in time for Gay Pride Month! Originally created by SVA faculty and alumni Thomas Shim (BFA 2011 Graphic Design), Ezequiel Consoli (BFA 2018 Design) and Jack Welles (BFA 2018 Design), with the addition of Kyle Harrison to the team this year, the project features unique signage that mirrors MTA service announcement signs. But instead of notifying straphangers of train delays and disruptions, these ads provide messages of love, reminding commuters that bigotry and hate are not allowed in subway stations.

All photos @PrideTrain

According to the creators of the project, the idea for the campaign came about when the current administration failed to acknowledge the beginning of Pride month on June 1st. “This felt like a step in the wrong direction for our community who has been fighting for its rights for so long,” they tell us in an email.

“We came up with this idea after noticing a growing number of hate crimes. We love this city and we all felt like we needed to do something to let everyone know that there are still good people in the world, with a good heart, that care about everything they do. To let them know that they are loved and that, no matter what our current government says, New York has been and will always be a safe space for our differences to be cherished and valued.”

All photos @PrideTrain

In addition to the main message that promotes no bigotry, the ads feature humorous “travel alternatives” and reminders to “tip your drag queen,” that “it’s 2018,” and that “love is love is love is love…”

“We did this project simply to make a difference and contribute in a small way to create a better place for everyone,” the team states. “And Pride Train is not only about the LGBTQ community. This is about everyone who has ever felt like they were not included or has experienced hate. We’re trying to scream louder than the hate in this country and to let YOU know that you’re loved, and are not alone, and that we’ll have your back whenever you may need it.”

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