On June 28th, take a deep dive into the history of the MTA with Why Your Train is F*cked, a comedy show  presented by Caveat. Join hosts Meg Pierson (TEDx, Alchemy Comedy), Justin Williams (City College, SirusXM), and a mysterious anonymous ghostwriter (who is a city employee), as they steer the show through the twists and turns of history; revealing unbelievable stories, subway life-hacks, and truly upsetting details about our subway system. Whether you love it, hate it, or want to compose more informed rage-tweets about it during your next 20 minute delay – we’ve got you covered.

Caveat is a speakeasy on the Lower East Side with great New York City-oriented programming. If you are, or become an Untapped Cities Insider, you can go to this event for free!

Meg Pierson is a Brooklyn resident who co-founded Alchemy Comedy Theater in South Carolina. In addition to helping to write and produce the pet health video series Cone of Shame, Meg travels internationally teaching improv workshops at veterinary conferences – she isn’t a vet but if your cat’s peeing outside of the litterbox it’s probably a UTI. She’s a two-time emcee of TEDx Greenville and currently hosts Versus at Caveat every second Saturday. In her free time, she offers people jobs at Axiom Law.

Justin Williams is an Assistant Professor of History at the City College of New York.  Justin is also a comedian that has been featured on Comedy Central’s Jokes.com, Mashable, SiriusXM Radio, The Elite Daily, Men’s Health Magazine, The Kansas City Star, ‘Morning Buzz Live‘ on VH1, ‘Trial by Laughter’ on Comcast, ‘Laughs’ on Fox and ‘The Comedy Show Show’ on Seeso.

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