The Ridgewood Reservoir is now a lush and dense, natural oasis that once provided water to the formerl independent city of Brooklyn. Built in 1859 and then decommissioned in the 1980s, the reservoir has since been overtaken by nature and provides a perfect case study of ecological succession.

Located on the border of Queens and Brooklyn, the abandoned water supply infrastructure has turned into 50+  acres of natural forest ripe for exploration. On this tour, learn about the history, engineering and ecological takeover of the reservoir from Jonathan Turer, the Director of Programs and Operations for NYC H20 and uncover the remnants of the reservoir, including the brick foundations of its former walls, the former gatehouse and abandoned force tubes that once pumped water.

If you are, or become an Untapped Cities Insiders, you can join this event on July 8th for free!

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The non-profit organization NYC H2O, has been behind much of the efforts to raise awareness and fight for the historical status of the Ridgewood Reservoir which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in February. NYC H2O provides education programs on New York City’s water system — bringing 3,000 Brooklyn and Queens students to visit the site since 2014. The organization also wrote the Historic Register Application for the Reservoir.

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