On July 10th, Caveat, a lower east side speakeasy, will present Madame Morbid’s “Death Becomes Her,” a night of storytelling. Join Allison Huntington Chase, aka Madame Morbid, and a group of talented storytellers, writers and comedians as they tell tales of their favorite deadly women.

Learn what drove these femme fatales to murder, a traditionally been a male-dominated activity. Throughout the night there will also be trivia prizes including two free tickets for Madame Morbid’s Trolley Tours in Brooklyn. If you are, or become an Untapped Cities Insider, you can go to this event for free!

Featuring stories by:

  • Allison Huntington Chase: CEO of Madame Morbid’s Trolley Tours. Allison grew up in Hartford, CT and has a degree in Screenplay Writing from the School of Visual Arts. As a child, her father created one of the world’s largest haunted houses, which was featured in New York Times, Entertainment Tonight, and Newsweek as “one of the best haunted houses in the country,” thus making her the 2nd generation of ghost tours.
  • Robin Browne: Cohost of the podcast “That’s the Spirit” and is fascinated by all things spooky and dark. Robin is a stage IV cancer survivor and a regular contributor to Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls website. She has one cat and can usually be found watching reality TV in bed.
  • Stephanie Fagan: Stephanie is an actor and writer who loves ghosts. She and Robin Browne host “That’s The Spirit,” a weekly podcast about all things macabre.
  • Sabrina McMillin: Sabrina is the project manager at Grey Horse, a feminist creative agency in New York. She has helped everyone from up-and-coming lady writers to the United Nations tell their stories to the world. Sabrina moved to New York last year, but always suspected she would die a New York widow in one of those rent control apartment deaths where nobody finds you until the neighbors start to complain about the smell. Previously, Sabrina told bizarre stories as a stand-up comedian in Washington, D.C. As a native of Rochester, New York, she loves to argue with anyone who refers to White Plains as “upstate.”Tija Mittal
  • Tija Mittal: Tija is a storyteller who most recently performed with RISK! at Caveat, the Moth at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood, as well as the Apollo Theater in 2017. A native of Washington DC, she has also performed at DC’s Lincoln Theater among a variety of other venues and festivals, and received a competitive fellowship to perform longform work through Cultural DC. She also has two masters degrees (an MBA and an MPP) that have nothing to do with storytelling, but eh, it probably doesn’t hurt to know. When she’s not performing or working on a PowerPoint, she’s covered in dust because she bought a fixer-upper. Thanks for nothing, HGTV.

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