9. Peter Detmold Park on FDR Drive

Peter Detmold Park

If you’re looking for gorgeous waterfront views, a dog-friendly area, or even just a place to play chess, Peter Detmold Park is for you. Invisible from street-level, the park sits at the waterfront edge of FDR Drive, and includes a footbridge, gazebo, chess tables, a dog run, and views across the East River

The park is named after WWII vet and former Turtle Bay resident Peter Detmold, who was killed while walking home in 1972. Detmold was an advocate for the neighborhood, as both the founder of the Turtle Bay Gazette, and president of the Turtle Bay Association. Though the park was named after Detmold immediately after his death, ground didn’t break on the current park until the late 1980’s, when residents rallied to restore the park, using $794,000 to implement new asphalt, the gazebo, a wooden entranceway, and more.

The park is free for all and open from 6AM-8PM year-round.