10. Mid-City

Mid-City is a bit of a forgotten land since it doesn’t have any of LA’s most well-known landmarks, but it’s by no means barren. It’s actually one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the city. For that reason, there’s plenty to chow on while you’re in the area.

EATMad Men Burger: Between In-N-Out, The Original Tommy’s and more, LA is a city of old school burgers. This Mid-City shop has a similar feel to those, except with even more options for toppings and patty types.

DRINKMandrake Bar: This spot has the best of both worlds: cheap drinks and unique cocktails. If you’re looking for something to get the job done, grab yourself a beer and a shot for $6 during happy hour. Or if you’re in a fancier mood, try a drink with their habanero-infused tequila.