11. North Hollywood

“The Valley” is a term you may hear Angelenos utter with a negative connotation, but if you’re in NoHo, you’re in it. And that’s OK. It’s not too far away from the rest of the city, plus there’s plenty going on within it.

EATSlanging Corea: It wouldn’t be an LA list without a food truck. This is Korean-Mexican fusion, something that isn’t common outside of SoCal. Grab yourself a bulgogi burrito or some pork belly tacos and don’t look back.

DRINK —  Idle Hour: The front of the bar looks like a collection of barrels but don’t let that turn you away. They’ve got bottomless mimosas on Sundays, cocktails on tap or made-to-order every day, and comfortable patio in the back where you can relax with your libation.