13. Santa Monica

Welcome to the west side. Here you’ll see beachfront, the 9th St Promenade, and lots of luxury vehicles. Rent prices are high because of the comfortable amenities and great restaurants, but many locals visit the area for this same reason.

EATBobarrito: If you like trendy food, you’re in the right city. Here you can grab a fresh poke bowl, sushi burrito, or boba tea. It’s on the Promenade for easy access and is a few blocks from the pier. Plus, what’s more appropriate at the beach than seafood?

DRINKThe Bungalow: This spot will give you the relaxing beachside experience you’re looking for. If you time it right, you’ll be able to watch the sun set over the water across Ocean Ave. The bar, itself, features a relaxing outdoor setting that’s perfect for an afternoon hangout.