14. Silver Lake

This is LA’s main hipster mecca. It’s almost like Los Feliz’ older brother: They’re right next to each other and share a significant amount of cultural overlap, but each wants you to know that they are their own person. Silver Lake also generally has higher price tags than its hip neighbor.

EATSperanza: Fight the urge to be creeped out by the plastic tarps. Inside, you’ll find an intimate restaurant setting with amazing Italian food. The homemade pasta will haunt your dreams (in a good way). It’s technically on the border of Los Feliz but locals would tell you its a Silver Lake eatery.

DRINK —  Diablo: What’s better on a hot California day than a popsicle? The answer: a popsicle and a beer. You can either order their version of a michelada, a beer and a tomato lime pop, or try out one of their other inventive pops in your drink, like passion fruit or mango habanero.