6. Glendale

Glendale isn’t known for being a local “hot spot” by any means. It’s relatively slower paced than the rest of LA and you’ll probably find yourself in a mall at some point. Still, there are some great food and drink options outside of the Americana at Brand, so don’t get yourself sucked in.

EATSevan Chicken: Since this area is known for its Mediterranean food options, you won’t want to miss out on a kabob while you’re here. Sevan probably won’t be swamped like some other spots in Glendale. Instead, you’ll be in great company among locals.

DRINKBrewyard Beer: This brewery was built from the ground up by a couple of buddies and is still locally owned (unlike a nearby brewery, Golden Road). It’s technically the first microbrewery within Glendale city limits. Plus, they regularly have food trucks and have a list of restaurants that will deliver to you while you’re there.