Tonight at 8 PM, on your local PBS channel (Thirteen/WNET for New Yorkers), the series 10 That Changed America returns debuting with Broadway, the first major street in America (and the colonies before). Untapped Cities founder Michelle Young was a special guest on this show, hosted by Chicago WTTW’s Geoffrey Baer, where she shared knowledge of the street from her book BroadwayCheck out an exclusive clip of the segment above and tune in tonight at 8 PM to see more!

10 That Changed America will cover the following streets in historical order: Broadway, Boston Post Road, St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, The National Road from Virginia to Illinois, Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Lincoln Highway (New York to San Francisco), Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, and Kalamazoo Mall in  Michigan.

On the Broadway shoot, which took place last August, when Michelle was 8.5 months pregnant, her and Geoffrey filmed at Bowling Green, along Broadway near Wall Street, on Ladies Mile near Flatiron, and in Times Square. They had some fun run-ins with Times Square Alliance security, who kicked them out of a section of Times Square, although in another area of Times Square the NYPD officers were fascinated by the history being told.

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