Untapped Cities is excited to announce a new walking tour of the recently opened Domino Park in Williamsburg, a site that we have followed closely over the years as it was transformed from an abandoned industrial complex into a new waterfront park. This tour, taking place Sunday July 15th, was created by our tour guide and chief experience officer Justin Rivers (who will also lead the tour) in partnership with Two Trees Management, the Brooklyn-based development team behind the site’s revitalization, and designers from landscape architecture firm, James Corner Field Operations (the lead designers of the High Line).


  • Visit Grand Ferry Park and learn about the ferries that once connected Brooklyn to Manhattan before the construction of the Williamsburg Bridge
  • Stroll along Domino Park’s elevated walkway
  • Learn the history of the Domino Sugar Factory building and the sugar refining process
  • See leftover artifacts from the refinery including a 36-foot tall syrup tank
  • Find out what’s in store for the future of the refinery building
  • Explore the park’s restoration of a 160-year-old street grid using Williamsburg maps from 1825, 1847 and the 1950’s
  • Take in panoramic views of the East River from the 1200 foot-long​ waterfront esplanade
  • Uncover the secrets of the Williamsburg Bridge

If you are or become and Untapped Cities Insider, you can receive $10 off your ticket for this tour with a promo code in our private Insider’s Facebook Group!  

Domino Park Walking Tour

In 2004, after 148 years of operation, the Domino Sugar Refinery, which once produced 3 million pounds of sugar a day–more than half of the sugar consumed in the entire country,​ closed. The site sat abandoned until 2013 when construction began to it into a public space. The 90,000-square-foot industrial complex once blocked access to the waterfront, which has since been reclaimed with the newly opened Domino Park. The park pays tribute to the area’s industrial past while offering a vibrant new outdoor space for the community to enjoy. On this tour, explore this new public space while uncovering the history of Williamsburg, from how it’s original layout was shaped, through its industrial boom to the future of the Refinery building.

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