Photo by Nicholas Knight courtesy of Public Art Fund

Without a doubt, the summer energy in New York is going strong. Beach trips and park picnics abound, even as the temperature climbs and the holiday festivities wind down. Now’s the time to take advantage of all the outdoor culture that the city has to offer, and luckily, this month offers an abundance of outdoor art installations that span across the boroughs in an array of locations. From highly anticipated displays to little-known gems, there’s much to see this month across the five boroughs. Why not pick a few and check them out yourself?

Read on to see our picks for July 2018!

1. Brian Tolle’s ‘Eureka’ in Federal Hall

Brian Tolle’s Eureka is a towering 40-foot sculpture inside Federal Hall. This piece pays homage to New York’s Dutch colonial history by featuring a tall brick facade of a canal house in the style that was common in 17th century New York. However, there is a twist: instead of featuring a flat replica of a typical facade, Tolle choose to create one that appears to be rippling and distorted. When asked about this artistic decision, Tolle states that the piece is a nod to New York’s “fluid, but troubled, transformation from a Dutch seat of power to British colony, to an American platform for diversity and democracy.”

Federal Hall serves as a fitting location for this installation in that in the 1700s, the Federal Hall site was used as a city hall, a site where numerous historic events like court cases and political meetings took place. Tolle’s piece is reminiscent of this monumental, turbulent history.

Eureka will be on view until September 8.

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