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Ever wondered about the New York architecture that almost was? LinkNYC, the network of kiosks around the city that supplies free wifi, free phone calls, and fun facts about the city to passerby will also be showcasing the would-be architectural endeavors that New York never built.

LinkNYC is collaborating with authors Greg Goldin and Sam Lubell of the 2016 book Never Built New York, as well as their publisher, Metropolis Books, to highlight key architectural structures that almost became a part of the cityscape we know and love. Numerous plans were also previous featured in our column The NYC That Never Was.

Images courtesy LinkNYC

Information about the structures are playing nearby to their would-be locations; for instance, the proposed 1955 Dodgers Baseball Stadium in Brooklyn, as well as the proposed 1968 Habitat housing on what is now FDR Drive. Other structures include an alternate Metropolitan Life Building (1929), ABC Office and Studio Building (1963), a completely different Museum of Modern Art (1930), a Mid-Manhattan Expressway planned by Robert Moses (1941), the Hyperboloid tower that would have replaced Grand Central (1954), as well as a $3 billion Rooftop Airport (1945)

Images courtesy LinkNYC

Also check out 54 NYC Fun Facts from the LinkNYC Kiosks, a piece we did in partnership with LinkNYC! Want to learn more about the architectural “almosts” of New York? Head over to our old NYC That Never Was column to learn more.

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