Cool Streets

Harman St/Tonsor St

Walking through this area might make you feel as though you’ve been transported back into Ridgewood during its origin years. For about four blocks, the houses retain their original exteriors, in brick and rough rocks. These houses are settled near the intersection of Harman and Tonsor, several blocks away from Grover Cleveland Park. Where Tonsor street turns towards Metropolitan Ave by the high school, you can also catch a great view of the Manhattan skyline. This part of Ridgewood is mostly residential, but will give you a feel for the most down to earth parts of the neighborhood. Make sure to check out the many neighborhood thrift stores in this area as well!

Palmetto/Seneca/under the train

Walking under the raised M line is perhaps the most representative street walking experience for the neighborhood. Here in Ridgewood, the street under the train mellows out and provides a shady and more relaxing walking experience than its counterpart farther West in Bushwick. Many great and long standing establishments line the street, including Jorge’s restaurant and many crown fried chicken places. Entering any of the M line subway platforms allows for a wide and mostly unobstructed view of the Manhattan skyline. Walking along under the train is a great introduction to the neighborhood.