2. The Green Roof Absorbs 7 Million Gallons of Water a Year

The roof absorbs up to 7 million gallons of water a year, which diverts that flow away from the combined sewer system or in water treatment facilities. The green roof has also reduced the surface temperature of the roof by 31%, compared to the temperature before the green roof was installed.

In partnership with the Audubon Society, Drexel University and Cooper Union, the Javits Center staff is constantly testing, experimenting and collecting data about the wildlife and environmental impact the roof has. On our visit, during a series of 90+ degree weather days, they were wetting the seedum to see what a little bit of water will do on the efficiency of the air conditioning system. Recorders bat vocalizations, which help determine the different species that populate the roof.

Fun fact: the green roof only needs to be watered twice a year, in July and August, for an hour and half at a time at night.