5. The Javits Center has an Army of Rescued Cats

“When you have all this food and you put it in the dumpsters, what do you have? Rats, mice, rodents, possums,” says Rick. The Javits Center works with New York City’s Feral Cat Initiative to take in feral cats that are used to living in high traffic areas. After a short period of time in an enclosure to let the cats know that food and shelter are available in their new Javits Center home, the cats are released to the loading dock. “They pretty much wiped out the rodent population,” says Rick. The Javits Center feeds the cats, takes them for visits to the vet. “Also we accumulate more cats,” Rick tells us, “People drop them off or they just wander in, and they get this great Javits care.” One cat was “employed” at the Javits Center for fourteen years, and now lives in the apartment of one of Rick’s employees following his “retirement.”