5. Swale at Brooklyn Army Terminal

Founded by artist Mary Mattingly in 2016, Swale is a floating food forest that has travelled to various locations in New York; it debuted this spring at Brooklyn Army Terminal and was originally only supposed to be up until July 1st, but has been etended until August 26, 2018. Swale is an installation built on an enormous barge that provides 5,000 square feet of surface area for an edible perennial garden. Swale aims to educate New Yorkers about the importance of fresh, healthy food and empower them to aim for “ecological resilience through promoting food as a public commons” in their own communities.

Swale debuted at Concrete Plant Park in the South Bronx, which has gained a reputation as a major food desert, and has also docked on Governor’s Island. Almost three million New Yorkers live in communities with poor access to fresh produce; Swale’s goal is to facilitate the growth of fresh food on public land in New York City in order to combat this issue.

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