7. Shed Murals in NYC Community Gardens

Meg Minkley’s ‘Fiesta Forever’; Photo by Meg Minkley courtesy of NYC Parks

Evan Bishop’s Hip-Hop for Hope! and Meg Minkley’s Fiesta Forever are two projects that are part of NYC Parks GreenThumb’s Art in the Gardens Shed Murals project. A project within GreenThumb’s community gardening program, which consists of over 550 community gardens, it brings local artists to community gardens to showcase their art on sheds that will be used by the gardens.

Minkley’s Fiesta Forever, located in Brooklyn’s Powers Street Garden, features illustrations of a variety of flowers that bloom throughout the city throughout the spring and summer seasons. Evoking the “re-birth of color in the city”, the vibrant illustrations and cheerful pink background encourage viewers to celebrate the fun activities and excitement of summer.

Bishop’s Hip-Hop for Hope! in the Latinos Unidos Garden located in the Bronx, is influenced by the artist’s upbringing in the Bronx during the ’70s and ’80s, where he was constantly surrounded by hip-hop. For this project, he worked with artists from ArTech, who placed their own artwork on the shed with words such as “unity” and “hope”. ArTech is supported by the AHRC, a New York organization committed to helping individuals with disabilities receive services related to work, family, and more.