New dates have just been added for Untapped Cities’ Tour of the Remnants of the World’s Fairs at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, starting with the end of August. The World’s Fairs of 1939 and 1964 were monumental events that brought visitors from around the world to New York City. Discover what was left behind and how these events left a lasting mark on Queens. This tour is only offered once a month, so grab your tickets while they last!

Tour the Remnants of the World’s Fairs at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park


  • Discover the hidden-in-plain-sight remnants of the 1939/40 and 1964/65 World’s Fairs with playwright and Untapped Cities tour guide, Justin Rivers
  • Visit the monument to a 5000-year time capsule
  • View the original guidebooks from each of the World’s Fairs
  • Get a comprehensive history of the past, present, and future of Flushing Meadow-Corona Park, with Insider information from our partners involved with the preservation of the New York State Pavilion
  • Each guest will receive reproductions of World’s Fair Maps from both 1939 and 1964


  • Price: $35 per person
  • What to know: The tour is all outdoors. If you choose to drive, free parking is available. The tour is 2 hours long. Please consult with the MTA for weekend subway schedules and routing changes. Please note that this tour will not enter inside the New York State Pavilion. No cancellations or refunds.
  • What to wear: Comfortable walking shoes, outdoor attire, camera (if desired)

Tour the Remnants of the World’s Fairs at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park


Didn’t make it to the 1939/40 or 1964/65 World’s Fairs? Well here’s your chance. This tour will uncover numerous remnants of both fairs, with a focus on the hidden time capsules, the Fountain of the Planets, the Unisphere, and the historic New York State Pavilion. And if you did attend back in the day, revisit the park and add color by telling us your story!

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park has lived many lives from marshy tidal wetlands to an early 20th Century ash dump, to the site of not one, but two World’s Fairs. This tour explores the past, present, and future of this 900 acre park which was an obsession of the late “Master Builder,” Robert Moses. Join playwright, author, and Untapped Cities Tour guide, Justin Rivers as he leads you on a journey through Flushing Meadows’  many unnoticed treasures.

The tour ends at the Queens Museum where the New York Panorama, a 1964 World’s Fair remnant is on hand for viewing. It’s a must-see for any New Yorker or anyone visiting New York.


“The tour was outstanding. Really fun and informative, would definitely recommend. Even if your a seasoned New Yorker, I bet you learn things you never knew about your hometown.” – Lind O., Trip Advisor