Stretching from Chambers Street to 59th Street, Hudson River Park spans 4.5 miles, making it the longest riverfront park not only in New York City, but the longest in the entire United States. The park encompasses 550 acres of parkland and 400 water acres. Not only is the park a valuable resource for the public to use to enjoy the outdoors, with bicycle and pedestrian paths, restaurants and bars and sports facilities, but it is also an important natural habitat that is home to more than 70 species of fish, including American eels, seahorses, and oysters. This summer marks the twentieth anniversary of the park’s founding in 1998.

To celebrate this milestone, the Director of Education and Outreach for the park, Tina Walsh will lead a tour exclusively for Untapped Cities. On the tour, guests with learn about important historic and ecological events that have taken place since the time of the Lenape Native Americans to the present day. Walsh will tell stories about the incredible oysters of New York Harbor, Manhattan’s changing shoreline and the revitalization of the west side through environmental activism.

If you are or become an Untapped Cities Insider, you can attend this tour for free!

Photograph Courtesy of Hudson River Park

Photograph Courtesy of Hudson River Park

Photograph Courtesy of Hudson River Park

Hudson River Park. Photo by Julienne Schaer, courtesy of Hudson River Park

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