Foodie Fantasy Land

If you love food, Las Vegas is a town made for you. Celebrity chefs abound and they are bringing their A-game to the Strip. Michelle Tribble, winner of Season 17 of Hell’s Kitchen and now head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant inspired by the show, is a prime example of the culinary talent who call Las Vegas home. A talented, creative, badass chef, she also happens to be kind, generous, and a fantastic boss to her entire kitchen staff. Featuring an open kitchen with soaring floor-to-ceiling windows, Hell’s Kitchen serves up modern twists on classic dishes like Beef Wellington, tuna tartare, and a pineapple carpaccio dessert. The cocktail menu is a work of mixology genius with a hefty dose of science to create truly unique concoctions. For example, Smoke on the Boulevard is comprised of Woodford Rye, Aperol, Amoro Averna, and sweet Vermouth that takes a spin in a smoke box stuffed with cherry wood and is garnished with a Hell’s Kitchen branded orange peel.

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