5. 6 & B Garden

The 6 & B Garden arose out of the community’s desire to cultivate green space in an overdeveloped area that had fallen into decline. In 1982, prompted by the unsightliness of rubble-filled lots, a committee of the 6th Street A-B Block Association petitioned the City’s Operation Green Thumb for a lease to turn a 17,000 square foot site at Sixth Street and Avenue B into a community garden and began work on the space.

In 1985, the City tried to sell the land to the highest bidding developer. However, this plan quickly prompted opposition from the community, causing the membership to skyrocket and alliances with activists and artists to form, and the City’s plan never came to fruition. In 1996, the garden was granted permanent site status. Today, the garden is a community gathering spot that is constantly hosting events like film festivals, children’s workshops, and musical performances (check out the calendar here).