7. Liz Christy Garden

Founded in 1973, the Liz Christy Garden was the first community garden to open in New York City. The garden was founded when Liz Christy and the Green Guerrillas, a group of gardening activists, discovered a vacant lot and became determined to transform it into a community garden. Their efforts were a success, inspiring communities all over the city to establish their own gardens.

The garden features a pond with fish and turtles, a wildflower habitat, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and wooden benches. The garden is maintained by volunteers, who allow the garden to be open year-round. The garden accepts donations to pay for tools and supplies and encourages people to become members by volunteering in the garden. After 20 hours of volunteering, one receives a key to the garden, and after 40 hours, voting rights, not to mention the satisfaction of improving the garden for the community.