6. There’s a Continuous Waterfront Walkway

People walking along a park path

Lee Lim, Project Architect at Weiss/Manfredi, the firm that co-designed both phases of Hunter’s Point South Park, told us that from the beginning, the park concept was envisioned with a continuous walkway along the waterfront, one that would traverse both sections. The first section features a more straightforward path and bulkhead, but the second section’s waterfront walk is a meandering, multi-elevational delight.

Along the walkways, you will have the East River on one side and wetlands on the other – quite a unique design that keeps the visitor viscerally connected to the water. These new edges replaced the concrete bulkheads that existed before, with new overlooks for visitors to take advantage of the stunning Manhattan skyline. Although these walkways might flood during a storm, it’s just part of the “soft” edge infrastructure throughout the park. Like the rest of the park design, the walkways are intended to bring the community to the waterfront, which Lim says is the main goal of the park’s design.