On August 20, Color Factory, a collaborative interactive exhibit that celebrates color and creativity, debuted 16 vibrant pop-up installations in its gigantic 20,000 square foot space in SoHo’s Hudson Square. Each installation is participatory, urging viewers to not just look at color, but immerse themselves in it. Color Factory originally made its sensational debut in San Francisco, and has now arrived in New York with a brand new, site-specific color palette. All of the colors in the installations are drawn from New York City spaces, from purple flowers in a bodega to the bright orange of a construction zone. The team of Color Factory artists explored hundreds of New York streets to curate this specific color palette.

Installations range from an enormous ball pit (yes, you can totally dive in and explore) to a macaron conveyor belt where you can grab yourself a treat in your favorite color. Not only are visitors encouraged to snap their own photos of these visually-pleasing and sensory installations, but many installations are also equipped with cameras that will take your picture if you wish to go hands-free. You are guaranteed to leave Color Factory armed with photos, free gifts, and an urge to reflect on the colorful moments in your everyday life.

Keep reading for a look inside Color Factory!

An enormous blue ball pit concludes the experienceThis mesmerizing rainbow of streamers hanging from the ceiling in the lobby is best viewed by looking up

‘From Absinthe to Zephyr’ Installation

Many of the Color Factory installations tell the unique stories and color visions of artists and creatives. In the installation From Absinthe to Zephyr: An Alternative Alphabet of Unusual Colors, viewers can learn the names of lesser-known, enigmatic colors, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet.

A colorful macaron conveyor belt where you can snag a treat that is both aesthetically-pleasing and delicious

Won McIntosh’s poems in the lobby

New York writer Won McIntosh was commissioned to write poems for each color of Color Factory’s palette, enhancing the stories of the colors with written words.

Interactive color quiz

One of the installations in Color Factory is a walkthrough color quiz: start at the beginning and answer questions, such as whether you prefer sunrise or sunset, and follow the arrows to a designated photo booth that will reveal your “secret color” based on your answers.

Show off your moves on the neon dance floor


The last installation of Color Factory is sure to bring back all the childhood memories; a massive ball pit takes up almost the entire room, and best off all, visitors are 100 percent encouraged to take a dive, move around, and have fun with friends.

A map for further exploration

Furthermore, Color Factory has partnered with 23 local businesses and organizations to give back to the neighborhood and let visitors continue to cultivate their appreciation for the colors of the city. A map of these locations is handed out to visitors, and each place is marked by a unique color. Turn the map over, and it will give you instructions for visiting these places and going on a scavenger hunt to gather some goodies and learn some hidden secrets in the surrounding area. We’re not going to spoil the secrets for you, you’ll have to check it out yourself! The good news is that even if you cannot attend Color Factory, these maps are given out for free at the door.

If you can’t get enough color, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum is running an exhibition titled Saturated: The Allure and Science of ColorBy showing the aforementioned map at the front ticket desk, you can get $5 off general admission.

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