6. The Original Louis Armstrong and Grandstand Stadiums Were From a Stadium Built for the 1964 World’s Fair

Former Louis Armstrong Stadium in 2009. Photo by Charlie Cowins from Flickr via Wikimedia Commons

Albeit with significant alteration, the original Louis Armstrong and Grandstand stadiums at the U.S. Open were divided from the Singer Bowl, a stadium constructed by the Singer Sewing Company for the 1964/65 World’s Fair. After the World’s Fair, it was used for hosting concerts, Olympic trials, and professional boxing events. The Doors, The Who, and Jimi Hendrix performed there. The Mets also had a fireworks display there to celebrate the 1969 World Series win.

The Louis Armstrong Stadium and the Grandstand were the main venues until Arthur Ashe Stadium was constructed in 1997.In 2017, a new Grandstand was opened and the Louis Armstrong Stadium was rebuilt from the ground up.