1. Ashintully


For the abandoned lovers, Ashintully in Tyrinham Valley, about 10 miles from Lenox, was one of the grandest homes, built for Robb de Peyster Tytus and Grace Seeley Henop Tytus. Built at a cost of about $1 million in 1912 (about $24.8 million in 2015 dollars), this Georgian Neoclassical mansion was an economic driver for the area during its construction and afterwards, with its farming and breeding enterprise. The house tragically burned down in 1952 leaving only the four front columns, but most of the property and gardens were donated to the Trustees of Reservations land trust, known as the McLennan Reservation. This property, expanded over several periods, is nearly 600 acres.

A wonderful book that includes photographs and history of the Berkshires’ Gilded Age Mansions, both those still standing and those that have been lost, is Houses of the Berkshires.

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