Caveat, a speakeasy in the Lower East Side, plays host to an ever changing line-up of “intelligent nightlife.” These quirky events ranging from science talks and concerts to trivia competitions and live recorded podcasts are designed to help you leave a little smarter than when you came.

On September 18th, Allison Huntington Chase, aka Madame Morbid, returns to Caveat for a night of storytelling with her series “Death Becomes Her.” At this event, a group of talented storytellers, writers and comedians will regale the audience with tales of their favorite deadly women. Learn what drove these femme fatales to murder, a traditionally male-dominated activity. There will also be trivia with prizes that include two pairs of tickets for Madame Morbid’s Haunted Trolley Tours and two copies of Tori Telfer’s book, Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History!
If you are or become and Untapped Cities Insider, you can attend this event for free!
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Featuring stories by:

  • Allison Huntington Chase: CEO of Madame Morbid’s Trolley Tours. Allison grew up in Hartford, CT and has a degree in Screenplay Writing from the School of Visual Arts. As a child, her father created one of the world’s largest haunted houses, which was featured in New York Times, Entertainment Tonight, and Newsweek as “one of the best haunted houses in the country,” thus making her the 2nd generation of ghost tours.
  • Robin Browne: Cohost of the podcast “That’s the Spirit” and is fascinated by all things spooky and dark. Robin is a stage IV cancer survivor and a regular contributor to Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls website. She has one cat and can usually be found watching reality TV in bed.
  • Stephanie Fagan: Stephanie is an actor and writer who loves ghosts. She and Robin Browne host “That’s The Spirit,” a weekly podcast about all things macabre.
  • Dana Lewis and Nicole Saraniero are best friends and co-hosts of Beyond, a podcast where they use their curious minds and foul mouths to chat about all things back in time, out of this world and behind the veil. Since meeting in college they have bonded over their shared obsessions with the mysteries of the universe, literature and taking financially irresponsible trips to London. Dana is an English teacher in Queens and Nicole is a contributor to Untapped Cities and also works in television production.
  • Tori Telfer is a writer who specializes in crime, history, and weirdos. Her first book, Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History (Harper Perennial), was published last fall, and called “exceptionally well-sourced and engaging, if gory” by NPR. Her nonfiction writing has appeared in Vulture,, Smithsonian, Salon, Vice, Jezebel, The Hairpin, The Awl, The Believer (forthcoming), and elsewhere, and has been featured several times on Her podcast, Criminal Broads, is about wild women on the wrong side of the law. She has a serial killer anecdote for every social situation, and is always overjoyed to talk about “going freelance” (not to be confused with “going clear”).

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