4. Brooklyn Historical Society Viewing of “2001”

In the Brooklyn Historical Society’s Great Hall, a screening of artist Wolfgang Staehle’s film, 2001, will take place all throughout the day on 9/11. This film actually captured the approach of Flight 11 and the crash into the North Tower, and it is the first time the film will be shown outside the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, who is collaborating on this event.
From the event description:
“Several days prior [to 9/11], Staehle had set up a pair of unmanned webcams in Brooklyn for a project intended to convey the predictable normalcy of life at the start of the 21st century. Instead, those cameras captured a sequence of images that chronicled the transformation of a routine workday into a city under siege. This rare footage, which records the launch of the terrorist attacks on America, shifted the perception of Staehle’s artwork from an aesthetic commentary to forensic evidence. For the next three weeks, his Brooklyn-based cameras continued to document lower Manhattan’s recast skyline with mournful impassivity.”