Inside the Museum of the City of New York’s latest exhibition, Germ City: Microbes and The Metropolis, visitors will get a fascinating look at New York City’s battle against infectious disease. This unique exhibit explores the complex interplay between people and pathogens in an urban setting. With the rapid movement of people and exchange of goods through cities, comes the rapid movement and exchange of germs.

Germ City is organized by the Museum of the City of New York in collaboration with The New York Academy of Medicine and Wellcome. It is part of Wellcome’s international project Contagious Cities and draws on the model of the Wellcome Collection’s “Reading Room.” Inside the hybrid gallery and library of Germ City, visitors can view historical artifacts alongside contemporary artworks created for the exhibition and delve into the exhibition’s themes with a curated selection of books and digital tools. Through this exploration, visitors will learn about New York City’s long battle against infectious disease, one that has involved the forces of the government, urban planners, medical professionals, businesses, and activists.
On September 24th, join Untapped Cities on a curator led walkthrough of Germ City for an in-depth look at the exhibition. If you are or become an Untapped Cities Insider, you can join this event for free!

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