You could get everything from make-up to cupcakes, jewelry and toiletries in the quirky vending machines that pop up around New York City, and now you can get freshly served ice cream. The “Love Machine,” a vending machine that dispenses soft-served cream in cups, is a new permanent feature inside Bar Moxy at Moxy Times Square. This machine is the only soft serve vending machine in the country and was created in collaboration with artist Curtis Kulig, whose signature “love me” design adorns the face of the machine.

First, you pick what ice-cream flavor you want on the machine’s touch screen. The machine dispenses soft serve flavors developed by Moxy Times Square’s Executive Chef Jason Hall and Mike Kurtz of Mike’s Hot Honey. The result of this collaboration is a vanilla flavor with a kick of Mike’s Hot Honey’s signature chili-pepper infused honey. The machine also serves dairy free dark chocolate, and a twisted mix of the two flavors (we went with the twist!). Next you pick your toppings: Magic Hour sprinkles, Mike’s hot honeycomb, Legasea black-out cookie or greek yogurt chips. Moxy’s chef opened the machine for us so we could watch it at work! 

The ice cream is first swirled into a cup, then a platform moves the cup down and over to the topping shoots where sprinkles and cookie crumbles fly out. Finally, the tasty treat is delivered and a spoon pops out from a little slot above.

The “Love Machine” is accessible to the public and can be found on the second floor inside Bar Moxy. It accepts cash credit, and even Apple Pay. This all-season ice cream spot will be a permanent addition to the space, offering a sweet reprieve from the frenzy of Times Square below.
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