The land of 40 shades of green. A place where fairies and folklore are alive and well. A country of enchanting stories, friendly people, and hearty food. Everything you’ve heard about Ireland is true and then some. It’s a magical place that welcomes visitors with open arms, and if it’s not on your bucket list of travel destinations, it should be.
Here are 10 insider tips to make the most of your time in the Emerald Isle:

1. Dublin has a museum for just about everything

What do whiskey, leprechauns, the Easter Rising, and ancient Asian texts all have in common? There’s a museum dedicated to each of them in Dublin. Chances are that no matter what interests you have, Dublin has a museum that showcases it and provides a thorough and intriguing history of it, too. Public art is also abundant in parks, on the streets, and on the exteriors of buildings.
The Chester Beatty Library and the Carriage House are hidden gems of the city (and have free admission!), tucked away inside the grounds of Dublin Castle. With their vast collections of rare items in their standing collections and meticulously curated special exhibitions, they are well-worth a visit. And as an added bonus, you will take a stroll through beautiful Dublin Gardens to get to them.