The modern Battery is a microcosm of the diversity of New York packed into 25 acres. Now a New York City public park, this southernmost point of Manhattan that juts into New York Harbor, has welcomed Lenape fishermen, European explorers, settlers, immigrants, and tourists from all over the globe.

Named for its 17th-century fortifications, The Battery and its key landmark, Castle Clinton National Monument – a fortification later used as an immigration center before Ellis Island was built – have transformed numerous times, along with the city and nation. From the time of the first Dutch settlers who landed on the tip of Manhattan in 1623 through to today, The Battery has proved triumphant over challenge after challenge. It now features expansive perennial gardens, every type of transportation infrastructure, a unique and innovative SeaGlass carousel, and, of course, unmatched views of New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty.

If you are or become an Untapped Cities Insider, you can join a special tour of the Battery on October 3rd with Hope Cohen, Chief Operating Officer of The Battery Conservancy! Learn the history of the site while taking in the beautiful harbor views and exploring the park’s new gardens, lawns, farm and other special features.

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