13. Carsharing

Car2Go smartcar
For short-term car rentals, an hourly car share with numerous locations around the city certainly beats a traditional car rental, and can be more affordable than taxi or ride share. Zipcar is the most famous player, but Enterprise Car-Share is a robust competitor. Both offer 180-200 miles included per day and a gas card, with rates starting at $6.96-$12 per hour. Enterprise Car-Share is cheaper per hour (starting at $6.96) and offers 200 miles per day, whereas ZipCar starts at $12 per hour with 180 miles included. Both have an annual membership charge (Zipcar is $70, Enterprise is $40 or $50 with the higher rate giving you cheaper hourly rates).
Another providers is Car2Go (now ShareNow). Car2Go cars don’t need to be returned to their original location, which provides more convenience for one way trips. They offer a Smart Car option, and two Mercedes Benz options. The Smart Car starts at $15/hour but then decreases in price with longer rentals.
In January this year, New York City piloted car-share only parking spaces. The trial program will last about two years and will help decide whether car-sharing-only spots should be implemented permanently in New York City. The spots will be exempt from regular street cleaning rules and car-sharing companies will maintain these parking spots.
Join Enterprise Car-Share and get $20 in free driving credits and first year membership waived ($40-$50 value) or join Zipcar and get $25 in free driving credits.